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    Pinball For All

    Pinball for all is an important mantra to us here at Silverball Swag. We want the world to experience the same joy and excitement we get when we step up to that machine and hit the buttons a couple of times to see how the flippers feel. No matter your age, gender, or culture; we are all pinheads.

    We created Silverball Swag with that idea in mind.  We like all the black shirts with skulls and monsters out there, but we also want to branch out and create high quality products that meet everyone’s personalities.  Whether you’re brand new to pinball or a hardcore hobbyist, we have a cool product that you’ll love.

    Meet Will

     Contact: will@silverballswag.com

    I helped my father-in-law buy his first game, Bounty Hunter, and then instantly missed it when it left the house.  That drew me to the community and I was lovestruck pretty hard.  I have been working with Jeff behind the scenes of TWIP to help make sure that the website is running at its best.  I am also on the TWIPY committee where I help setup the surveys and collect the data for the awards.  My current favorite machine is AC/DC Premium but I also enjoy many system 11s and older.