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    Silverball Swagger

    What is Silverball Swagger?  You are not Keith Elwin, your last name is not Sharpe, and you may not be ranked in the top 100.  But you can act like you are.  Follow these simple tips to mimic the pros and show your Silverball Swagger.

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    Proper Attire - Choose Your Style

    It is best to show up to a tournament with an older pinball shirt so people think you have been competing for a while.  Good examples of these are a Coast 2 Coast Pinball shirt, or an Expo or TPF or PAPA shirt that is at least four years old.

    Don’t wear a headlamp.  Just don’t do this.  Even if you win, it isn’t worth it.

    Do wear sunglasses.  When you get into a multiball on a Dwight Sullivan game, you need them.  This is not only acceptable but encouraged.

    Silverball Swagger Sunglasses

    Don't wear gloves.  Again, not worth it.

    Headphones can be worn if you're able to pull off the "I'm at the final table of the World Series of Poker and I'm sitting on pocket Aces" look.  It can also let your opponents know that you don't need to hear the instructions from the callouts of the machine, you already know everything you need to know about each machine. 

    Playing Option 1: Play Animated

    You want people to know that you know how to control the ball, so do a slap save three quarters of the way up the machine.

    Silverball Swagger Play Animated

    If you’ve never accidentally kicked a stranger in an arcade, you may not be trying hard enough.  You need your space, and warning roundhouses are part of that.

    Epic photograph courtesy of Joe Ciaravino, @TOpinhead

    Playing Option 2: Play Stoic

    You’ve been there before.  You’ve made so many great saves and shots it doesn’t phase you at all.  See: The GOAT Keith Elwin.

    Playing Option 3: A Combination

    You generally play fairly stoic, but when you do something incredible, you just have to laugh.  Maybe celebrate a bit when you get trapped up.  Sometimes your skills even surprise you.


    Regroup When You Trap Up

    Pinball is a sport.  When you’re a top tier player and have longer ball times, it can be taxing.  So when you have those rare moments to trap up after dropping some score bombs, make sure to regroup and hydrate before continuing to crush your competitors. 

    Silverball Swagger Trap Up

    Never Act Surprised

    Did you just do an insane live catch?  You do that all the time.  You have a huge score but have no idea how you got it?  Sure you do.  When you do something at home or while streaming feel free to point it out, but in competition, you are not surprised because you do that all the time.


    Saves are an exception to the Never Act Surprised rule; they are a different animal.  Yes, you're acting like a top tier player, but when you make a sick save, it is ok and even encouraged to let others - and the machine - know who is boss.

     Silverball Swagger Save

    Bonus points if you then have the presence of mind to straighten the streaming camera between balls.

    Silverball Swagger Save Camera

    You know Silverball Swagger when you see it.

    Swagger and Win!! Show us your Silverball Swagger by tagging #SilverballSwagger and emailing us a picture or video to will@silverballswag.com.  If we pick your entry to use then you could win a free Silverball Swagger patch.

    Silverball Swagger

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